Please Note: All Turbine Duke installers downloaded after 23 July 2011 have the V1.2 files already included, so if you downloaded your installer after this date, you do not need to install the Duke V1.2 Update.

The V1.2 updates are as follows:

• Native Reality XP GNS cross-fill support. If you have one or both Reality XP GNS WAAS gauges as well as the Reality XP GNS Unlimited pack installed in FSX then you can enable crossfill between two GNS gauges simply by selecting the crossfill option in the Turbine Duke Config Panel.

• Extra Reality XP GNS WAAS panel layouts available. If you have one or both Reality XP GNS WAAS gauges as well as the Reality XP GNS Unlimited pack installed in FSX then you can now choose to have 2 x GNS530 or 2 x GNS 430 gauges on one panel.

• The Config Panel now auto-detects which RXP gauges you have installed (if any).

• Improved mouse wheel interactivity on all switches and knobs. In previous versions mousewheel support was only available on rotary style knobs, now you can use the mousewheel to control the various two and three position switches.

• 3 position switches now left click/right click or mousewheel controlled.

• Fuel selector now controlled by left click/right click or mousewheel instead of click/drag of previous versions.

• “Cold and dark” option no longer turns the fuel selectors off.

• Major improvements made to panel lighting. This version of the Turbine Duke includes a major revamp to the panel lighting. As well as back-lit gauges, there is now subtle flood-lighting on the panel face itself and on the various controls surrounding the panel. The magnetic compass is also back-lit.

• Improved pressurisation functionality. The pressurisation now functions a little more realistically, and the following functions have been added:
1. Pressurisation Air Shutoff Valves now functional. If you turn off one shutoff valve the maximum rate at which the cabin can pressurise is reduced. If you turn off both valves the cabin will very slowly depressurise.
2. The cabin is now less prone to exceeding max pressure differential.

• Control yokes now move in response to pitch trim changes. When you or the autopilot move the pitch trim tabs, the control yokes move back and forth as they would in real life.

• Control yoke pitch and roll animations more linear.

• Less chance of accidental view changes. To avoid inadvertent view changes caused by accidentally clicking on the area next to a switch instead of the switch itself, non-clickable space has been added around each switch.

• Option to switch off left-click/right-click view change feature. To completely eliminate the possibility of accidental view changes, you can now turn the left-click/right-click view change function off completely. This option is mostly intended for TrackIR users.

• Engine Failure probabilities altered slightly to further reduce the chances of a failure when set to low probabilities.

• Airspeed Indicator V speeds altered.

• Oil Doors will now operate only when the battery is switched on.

• Cabin table now opens/closes in exterior view.

• Small gap underneath cabin table fixed.

• Multiplayer support improved.

• Improved compatibility with FSX shared cockpit.

• Com radio issues (mostly seen in multiplayer) fixed.

• Major improvement to Audio Panel functionality. Now more realistic and multiplayer compatible.

• Fixes made to Fuel Vent switch functionality so they no longer affect engine torque.

• GPS click spot added which opens 2D GPS popup window.

• Cabin lights will only turn on when Master Switch is on.

• Known V-speed limits now added to kneeboard reference and Flying Guide.

• Sticking Autopilot VS buttons fixed.

• Landing touchdown camera view effect added.

• Improved landing light compatibility. Add-on landing light textures that came with some third-party products (such as Real Environment Xtreme) caused the Duke’s landing lights to appear in the wrong place. This should no longer occur.