The Citabria, Decathlon and Scout 2006 package includes its own configuration panel. This is a stand-alone application for configuring various RealAir FS2004 Citabria, Decathlon and Scout settings.

The Config Panel allows you to alter such settings as VC gauge resolution, what textures to use for the windows (dirty or clean), and whether to load the aircraft with their engines running or stopped. You can also use it to set your preferred RealView setting.

There is also a page that allows you to easily select exactly what instruments are installed into the panels for each of the five different aircraft included in this package. We believe this to be the first time a user has been able to configure the VC panel to be exactly the way they want in an FS2004 aircraft. You can configure the panel for each of the five aircraft in this package to be anything from a very basic VFR-only panel to a well-equipped panel with autopilot, suitable for IFR flight.

The Panel Layout page of the Config Panel