About RealAir Simulations

RealAir Simulations have been creating quality flight simulation software since 2001. In that time we have developed a reputation for creating the finest quality and most innovative add-on simulation software in the industry.

The innovations we have introduced to the Microsoft Flight Simulator world are many, such as: the first aircraft with accurate stall and spin behaviour; the first aircraft with realistic side-slip behaviour; our exclusive ‘Smooth Gauge Technology’ which brings never before seen smoothness and clarity to virtual cockpit gauges; our exclusive ‘RealView’, a system that simulates the forces experienced by a pilot in flight as well as simulating the buffet felt during a stall; realistically simulated engine failures; user-configurable VC panel layouts, and much more.

As well as being known for innovation, we have developed a strong reputation for producing products of the highest quality. All of our releases have received the very highest awards available in the flight simulation world. To see our awards and read some of our reviews, visit our Awards and Reviews page.

About the RealAir Authors

Sean Moloney is a graduate in Visual Communications. He was a student pilot when he first teamed up with Rob Young to design the Citabria for Fly!. He is currently living in Brisbane, Australia. Sean designs all the graphics, gauges and 3d models for RealAir.

Rob Young spent 25 years as a professional musician before turning to simulation. He has designed flight aerodynamics for many of the major flight simulator developers. He designed the flight models for Fly! II on behalf of Terminal Reality and since changing his focus to Microsoft Flight Simulator has designed the aerodynamics for a diverse group of developers including Lago, JustFlight, Eaglesoft, and MAAM-Sim, picking up awards for nearly every aircraft he has co-designed.

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To contact us, visit our Support page.