RealAir Duke V2 Picks Up Three Separate Awards In Three Weeks!

Wednesday 01 January 2014

In December our Duke B60 V2 won the following accolades from three separate well known flight simulator publications:

Avsim awarded the Duke their coveted GOLD STAR award in a comprehensive review by staff writer Ray Marshall whose comments include these: "...the most realistic engine start I have seen or heard in FSX...many of the new features work in concert - some depend on your speed, configuration, the wind, temperature, time of day.Amazing, simply Amazing! It's difficult to believe that so many improvements could be made to a fine simulation. The list is very long...and the results are outstanding. The advanced animation and sound effects are the most advanced offered in FSX."

Microsimulateur, the leading French flight sim magazine, also gave the Duke their top award of Best GA Aircraft for 2013 and said: "It is very rare to find a cockpit drawn in such detail from every angle. The exceptional cockpit, together with the flight model, would satisfy the most demanding of pilots. If only other addons were of the same quality. Not one aspect of this simulation has been neglected. In the category of GA aircraft The V2 Duke is THE commercial addon of 2013. Its quality once again raises the bar to a new height as it did when the original Duke came out in 2009, and shows that the passion of the two creators has allowed them to present this upgrade with the highest detail, ensuring it will have a long life. Congratulations to the two authors, Sean Moloney and Rob Young for knowing how to breathe new life into this magnificent aircraft."

• UK's PC Pilot magazine followed up with their highest Platinum Award. "The original Duke was a very fine product. Version 2 surpasses it in every aspect by increasing the realism in terms of handling, sounds and animations..... the result is near to perfection. Even the animated armrests squeek and thump with two different sound sets. Every surface -internal and external - is carefully reproduced with high levels of detail, making this one of the best looking aircraft available for FSX. To say that the new features list is as long as your arm is a massive understatement."

In addition to these awards, Aerosoft Sim News gave the Duke yet another glowing review: "Every once in a while, an addon comes out for FSX that revolutionizes what we thought was possible and blows everything else out of the water. The Duke V2 soars into this category. The many features...result in the best twin I have seen for FSX...maybe even the best GA aircraft period. It is, without doubt, RealAir's best aircraft to date. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Duke B60 V2 Paint Kit Now Available

Monday 04 November 2013

We are happy to announce that a paint kit for the Duke B60 Version 2.0 is now available for download. This paint kit includes layered Photoshop PSD files of the exterior model textures and an optional auto-installer feature to aid in the distribution of your repaints.

You can download the paint kit from the Duke B60 V2 Downloads page.

Duke B60 V2 Livery Pack Available Now

Saturday 26 October 2013

We are happy to announce that we now have available a livery expansion pack for the Duke B60 V2. This pack adds five liveries to the Duke B60 V2, each with a unique panel and cabin colour. The livery expansion pack is a free download for anyone who owns the Duke B60 V2.

For screenshots of the new liveries, visit our Duke B60 V2 Livery Expansion Pack Screenshots page.

To download the Livery Pack, please go to the Duke B60 V2 Downloads page.

Duke B60 Version 2.0 Released!

Sunday 29 September 2013

The Duke B60 Version 2.0 for FSX is available for download right now! Please visit our Duke B60 Version 2.0 pages for more details.

Duke Version 2.0 Screenshots Collection

Saturday 28 September 2013

We have just made available a large number of screenshots detailing our upcoming Duke B60 Version 2.0. Please visit the Duke B60 V2 Screenshots page to view the complete collection.

Lancair Legacy Boxed Version Now Available

Wednesday 04 September 2013

The RealAir Lancair Legacy is now available to customers who prefer a boxed, CD version of this award winning aircraft for FSX. The boxed version is published by Flight 1 and available at various stores in Europe, or you can order online through SimStop here:
Flight 1 RealAir Legacy Boxed Version

Legacy Review at Aerosoft Sim News

Monday 27 August 2012

Our Lancair Legacy has received another overwhelmingly positive review at Aerosoft Sim News. Reviewer Steven Bannwolf concluded his article with the following:

"In conclusion, the RealAir Lancair Legacy is an absolute gem of an aircraft. You’d be hard pressed to find even the tiniest detail to complain about. From the sound to the cockpit to the flight dynamics, everything is made magnificently. RealAir obviously put a lot of time into this product, and it shows. In my book, this plane is well worth the price, even if you’re not a GA enthusiast. After a few hours with the RealAir Lancair Legacy, you will be.

To read the full review, visit the Aerosoft RealAir Lancair Legacy Review page.