Awards and Reviews

Legacy V1: Avsim Gold Star Award Winner

Our Lancair Legacy for FSX has received the top honour available at - the Avsim Gold Star Award.

The Avsim Gold Star was awarded as part of a very comprehensive review by Avsim staff reviewer Ray Marshall, with additional input from Avsim staff reviewer Bert Pieke.

Ray concluded his review by saying: "The RealAir Lancair Legacy for FSX is no doubt the most advanced, most realistic, and most fun to fly of any general aviation add-on available today. The awesome combination of many totally new visual effects and animations with their accompanying sounds are absolutely astonishing. I therefore recommend the coveted Avsim Gold Star be awarded to RealAir Simulations. I really wish there was a recognition that was even a little higher than our Gold Star, maybe a Platinum Star or a Sierra Hotel Gold Star. I would surely recommend that one also. The Legacy is that good."

Head on over to to read the full review.

Legacy V1: Ten Out of ten at Mutley's Hangar

Our Lancair Legacy is the subject of a wonderfully written review by Andrew Godden published by Mutley's Hangar. The review includes detailed information on the Legacy graphics, flight modelling, sounds and performance, and includes dozens of fine quality screenshots. Andrew concluded his review by scoring the Legacy ten out of ten in every tested category, and awarding the Legacy the coveted "Mutley's Hangar Award For Excellence". To quote the conclusion to Andrew's review:

"If not 'the most' complete and comprehensive package in the general aviation aircraft category for FSX available today, it is definitely one of the most.

• External Model – 10 / 10
• Internal Model – 10 / 10
• Sounds – 10 / 10
• Flight Characteristics (does it fly by the numbers) – 10 / 10
• Flight Dynamics (does it feel like what it looks like) – 10 / 10
• Documentation – 10 / 10
• Value for Money – 10 / 10"

Head over to Mutley's Hangar now to read the complete Legacy review.

Legacy V1: Aerosoft Sim News

Our Lancair Legacy has received another overwhelmingly positive review at Aerosoft Sim News. Reviewer Steven Bannwolf concluded his article with the following:

"In conclusion, the RealAir Lancair Legacy is an absolute gem of an aircraft. You’d be hard pressed to find even the tiniest detail to complain about. From the sound to the cockpit to the flight dynamics, everything is made magnificently. RealAir obviously put a lot of time into this product, and it shows. In my book, this plane is well worth the price, even if you’re not a GA enthusiast. After a few hours with the RealAir Lancair Legacy, you will be.

To read the full review, visit the Aerosoft RealAir Lancair Legacy Review page.

Spitfire XIV Review by Dudley Henriques

Dudley Henriques is a professional civilian pilot, and has been flying high performance aircraft for over forty years, having flown at least fifty different types including experimental, prototype, and fighters — both jet and propeller. A specialist in aerobatic demonstration flying and aerobatic instruction, he has flown air shows in aircraft ranging from the Pitts Special to the P51 Mustang fighter.

This review was originally posted on the Avsim forums, and Dudley has kindly allowed us to make it available here at

Spitfire XIV: Avsim Bravo Zulu Award Winner

‘Bravo Zulu’ is a time-honored maritime signal meaning ‘Well Done.’ Each year Avsim's Editors select what they consider to be the truly outstanding contributions of new simulators and related hardware, aircraft, panel, scenery, and add-on utilities, awarding developers their 'well done' recognition.

This year our Spitfire XIV won the Bravo Zulu ‘Best Vintage Aircraft’ Award.

Spitfire XIV Review, Avsim Online

Review Score 5 out of 5
Awarded Avsim Gold Medal for Excellence


‘Every once in a while a new aircraft comes along that is so clearly a step forward compared to everything that has been done before, that you drop whatever you are doing to explore it in all its glory.... the real magic is the level to which this simulation has been crafted… it one more time re-defines what is possible in FS2004. A realistic three dimensional cockpit with smooth gauges, great looking interior and exterior, great flight dynamics, awesome sounds, lots of neat new effects... and all this without bringing my PC to its knees! The 5-star rating is only given to products that establish a new benchmark, and the Real Air Spitfire fully deserves this recognition. Rob Young, Sean Moloney, and the other members of the Real Air team have produced a masterpiece!’

— Bert Pieke, Avsim Online

Spitfire XIV Review,

Awarded Armchair Aviator Award


‘Verdict: Class simulation. Fantastic, if I ever get to fly a Spitfire, I know what it will feel like now. Fun. Great value. Automatic AAA award, there being no faults worth mentioning. Just buy it.’

— Andrew Herd,

Spitfire XIV Review, PC Pilot Magazine

Review Score 5 out of 5
Awarded the PC Pilot Classic Award

Our Spitfire XIV was reviewed in PC Pilot Issue 32 (December 2004) and was awarded the maximum score of 5 out of 5. It also featured prominently on the cover of the same issue.


‘It's the sheer all-round attention to detail which makes this add-on so spectacular’

‘Excudes charisma and quality... a stunningly impressive version of R.J.Mitchell's classic.’

Spitfire XIV Review, Micro Simulateur Magazine

Our Spitfire XIV was reviewed in the February 2005 issue of MicroSimulateur, receiving an 8 page review and featuring on the cover of the issue.


‘Non content de concentrer dans le plus célèbre des chasseurs britanniques le meilleur de son savoir-faire, RealAir Simulations s’offre le luxe insolent d’une percée technologique.’

‘On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur disait Saint Exupéry. Moi j’ai eu un coup de coeur pour le « Spit » de RealAir bien que n’étant pas particulièrement attiré par les warbirds. De manière plus objective, cet appareil présente sur l’année écoulée l’un des meilleurs, si ce n’est le meilleur ratio (fonctionnalités+innovations+qualité) / prix’

— Tony Argaud, MicroSimulateur Magazine

Spitfire XIV Review, FS Nordic

Review Score 5 out of 5
Awarded FS Nordic Star Award

Our Spitfire XIV was reviewed on Scandinavian website and received the first ever FS Nordic Star Award.


‘RealAir Simulation’s Spitfire Mk XIV has truly set a new standard in Flight Simulation add-ons. The quality of its virtual cockpit and flight dynamics are unmatched, and the remainder of the package also is of the highest quality...I had to evaluate the add-on on a higher level than I would usually. Hence, I find this add-on to be deserving of five stars, for it is far above the currently expected quality for payware add-ons.’

Spitfire XIV Review,

Review Score 9.87 out of 10

Our Spitfire XIV received an extensive review on flight simulation website, Review author Jens Winkler awarded it a near perfect score of 9.87 out 10 according to a rigorous set of criteria.


‘The best virtual cockpit I have ever seen... simply fantastic’

SF260 Review, Avsim Online

Review Score 5 out of 5
Awarded Avsim Gold Medal for Excellence


‘As you’ve probably guessed by now, the SF-260 is my all-time favorite in FS. I fell in love with it back in 2002, and since then, I’ve flown countless hours in it. Despite trying literally dozens (or maybe hundreds) of different aircraft types in FS before and after the first release of the SF-260, this aircraft is the one I always come back to time and again... The last version was awarded 5 stars, and this one really deserves 6, but as 5 is the maximum that can be awarded, that’s what I’m giving it. If ever there was an FS aircraft that is “as real as it gets”, then this is the one. ’

— Grahame Myers, Avsim Online

SF260 Review,

Awarded Armchair Aviator Award


‘Verdict? Still one of my very favorite packages, thanks to a truly well balanced combination of a great visual model, attractive liveries, super panels and top notch flight dynamics... It makes a great package for teaching yourself aerobatics - there is even a section in the excellent manual provided with the sim devoted to explaining how to do basic manoeuvres... In short, it is an oustanding package that really does give a feel of what it is like to fly one of these remarkable little planes. In recognition of that, and the fact that three years on, I still think the SF260 is one of the best addons ever developed for Flight Simulator, it keeps its Armchair Aviator award... Take it from me that you will not be disappointed with this one - if you have as much fun flying it as I did reviewing it, you will have had more than your money’s worth.’

— Andrew Herd,

SF260 Review, PC Pilot Magazine

Review Score 5 out of 5
Awarded the PC Pilot Classic Award

Our SF260 was reviewed in PC Pilot Issue 20 and was awarded the maximum score of 5 out of 5.


‘This is one of the very few simulated aircraft we've flown that somehow feels right’

‘A refreshing change from the usual GA aircraft we see. A flawless package, and an FS first to boot.’

SF260 Review, Micro Simulateur Magazine

Our SF.260 made it onto the cover of the September 2002 issue of French Simulation magazine, Micro Simulateur. The SF.260 also received a positively glowing six page review written by Micro Simulateur's Tony Argaud, in which he states (among other things): "This aircraft is a masterpiece".

Citabria, Decathlon and Scout 2006 Review, Avsim Online


‘the combination of crystal clear, totally smooth moving gauges, the view of the spinning propeller, and the subtle movement of the panel in reaction to changes in flight direction, make for a superb simulation. It is easy to forget that you are flying in your basement, and instead just get lost in the sheer joy of flying, period!’

‘What I like about the Decathlon-Citabria-Scout package

• Great flight models, the aircraft handle well and realistically
• Nicely detailed inside and outside views
• Innovative cockpit design with fluid instruments
• Professional finish throughout, including excellent documentation
• Great “seat of the pants” flying experience

‘What I don't like about the Decathlon-Citabria-Scout package

• Nothing’

Citabria, Decathlon and Scout 2006 Review,


‘In a class of its own at a highly reasonable price ... RealAir's latest offers tremendous quality and value, well worth every penny.’

‘The 3D cockpit's highpoint is in the gauges. Sharp and brilliantly clear even at very high zoom levels, smooth and fluid in operation - the floating compass still catches my eye - they are in a class of their own. As the advertisments say: "crystal clear gauges with ultra-smooth movements." And, for those of us chugging along with ageing machines, there is a further nice surprise in store - for all their quality, the VC view and panel gauges have insignificant impact on frame rates, if any.’

‘Once again RealAir's flight modelling has fulfilled expectations, producing whizzbang aircraft which seem to fly right on the money, that feel just right. Wing design, size, engine power, even the slab-sided fuselage, all seem to fuse smoothly into a highly realistic FDE which makes the aircraft suitably challenging and a great pleasure to fly.’

‘By themselves, the aircrafts' flight modelling, together with their other drawcards, makes each of them worth the price of admission. Any single one of them would be worth having in one's fleet. Having three of them, variants of the same basic aircraft, each with its own design intentions, shape and power is something quite special - in my experience, maybe even unprecedented in flightsim products.’